Yes, if you are reading this you probably are a travel lover, but no matter how experienced are you on the area, everyone needs some inspiration now and then. On Queer Destinations we love to get tips and tricks for queer-perfect trips, both from close friends and top travel influencers, no matter how ofter you fly, here are 7 Travel Influencers that you should follow before hopping on a plane.


@Cup of couple

Gabriel García y Mike Madrid are a cup of couple passionate about photo, video and of course traveling. Lifestyle is their thing and fine taste is pictured on every shot shown on their feed. Acquired taste for good design, crips clothing and perfect destination choices are some of the sure-to-get assets from this power couple.


@Prince Pelayo

Lifestyle connoisseur and founder of, Pelayo Díaz surely loves a well spent vacation. Hopping on a plane seems to be one of his monthly (if not weekly) rituals and there is no destination he can’t turn into fashion. Now married to @andymcdougall traveling might be a little different, but he seems to be doing just as fine as always, if not better. Check out his account and take some notes!



Know to be a bitter-sweet girl and a head to toe fashionista, Aida Domenech also known as @dulceida, is a well established blogger with a deep passion for clothing and traveling. Together with her wife @albapaulfe, as well as with friends, she likes to explore the world and its wonders; urban or rural, there is no destination she is afraid to nor can’t take a good picture at.



Jonan Wiergo

There are two things Jonan or “el wachito” likes to do; traveling and getting but naked, so why not share your hobbies with your followers? At his 21 years of age, Jonan keeps exploring all sorts of destinations, from skinny dippable Asian coasts to ski-perfect snow white mountains. And he isn’t alone on his adventures, our next blogger @chrtt is his boyfriend. What a perfect match por a perfect picture taking couple!



With great taste for both destinations and shots, Christian Tomás loves to share his minimal take on life and getaways through Instagram. His camera lens is often pointing at his boyfriend @jonanwiergo, but there is no subject he can’t get a breathtaking crisp shot from.


@Luna Couto

Luna Couto loves to travel, Asia seems to be his place to be and she gives all the tips she’s got through the caption on her images. Accompanied by her partner Nazaret, who knows which destination could be the next? I bet there is no location she can’t handstand at!


@Oriol Pamies

Business man and young entrepreneur, Oriol Pamies is passioned about traveling and the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community. Founder of Queer Destinations and partner at Moovz (The Global LGBT Social Network) he usually travels both for work and pleasure and enjoys sharing his experiences through his Instagram account. Oriol loves to hang out with friends for casual dinners in between meetings or to get lost into the most remote natural locations. His vision on tourism and traveling as well as his proactive attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community rights will make you want to keep scrolling trough his feed.


@Blanc Cueva

Not everything in life is about likes and followers, and the same principle applies to traveling inspiration. Sometimes what you crave for is moody vibes and romantic scenes, Blanc Cueva or “Faro” is an analog passioned photographer living in Mallorca, a perfect destination to enjoy on a lower key level as he likes to share with his followers. Beautiful nude bodies raw from the roll, including his boyfriend @miquelamengualgual with whom he shares passions; salty skin and sun caressed shots. Is there a better traveling vibe than just that?