More and more names are adding up to the ever growing list of South American countries that have opened their doors to same-sex marriage. Past wednesday 12 June 2019, Ecuador’s Constitutional Court made effective through a historical pass of the approval of marriage between same sex couples. Which adds Ecuador to the increasingly long list of Southern Countries like Colombia, Brasil, Costa Rica, Uruguay or Argentina that made recent changes on their respective legislations to legalize same-sex marriage.

But, why now? After months of waiting and several delays of a request formulated to the most important judicial authority of Ecuador by a smaller body from the Pichincha Province, 5 votes in favor and 4 against the pro LGBTQ* bill filled the community’s heart with hope for their country’s rights. After years of fighting for the equality of rights between all communities citizens, now, the resolution is at hands of the Government and the National Assembly which are the institutional bodies capable of determining the final steps of this awaited bill passing.

Judge’s opinion over the validity of the “Consultive Opinion 24-17” from the Interamerican Court of Human Rights was requested, which was expedited in january 2018 over the rights of the LGBTQ+ population in favor of the acknowledgment of equality, the right to no discrimination, freedom of gender identity and family rights, in which same-sex marriage is a fundamental pillar.

Efrain Soria (president of the Equidad Fundation), was the one to request with the argument at hand of the “Consultive Opinion 24-17” to enter into marriage with his partner, with whom he has been together for 12 years. The proposal was rejected by the Local Civil Register Administration, which forced him to go to court to end with the fight for their rights that they had started back in 2013.

This historical step in terms of human rights and citizen’s equality puts Ecuador, internationally known as a conservative country, on the top of the avangarde list of latin american countries, since besides of the recent achievements on the matter, it is still uncommon for same-sex marriage to be legal in most south american countries.

Freddy Carrión Intriago, defensor of the Ecuadorian Citizens said that “this pass claims for the opportunities of the vulnerable groups of the population who have been discriminated on their permanent fight for the freedom of choice, equality and legal protection”.

From #queerdestiantions we would like to congratulate LGBTQ+ citizens of Ecuador for their achievement and hope that Latin American countries will keep moving forward in regard of same-sex marriage opportunities and the collective’s rights all together, so that visiting South American destinations will be more righteous and pleasant for both its citizens and visitors. Congrats Ecuador!

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