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Certification, a valuable asset for your company and for the LGBTQ+ community

The Queer Destinations Certificate helps companies in the tourism sector to prepare their employees, products and services for an appropriate reception of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex or LGBTQ+ community.

Raising awareness of the values and social rights of our growing community and its great economic potential for tourism. We offer tools to help attract travelers and position your brand as a valuable business within the LGBTQ+ community.

Get certified in 3 easy steps

Awareness building for your business

Executive workshop

Awareness raising, training and product adaptation workshops, with the active participation of management teams and area managers.

Online training

Training aimed at all the workforce. To develop skills for the correct attention of the LGBTQ+ audience.

Seal delivery

We provide training materials and diplomas, as well as our Queer Destinations Certificate and Digital Badge.

SECTUR partenrship

Our certification has governmental recognition through different public programs, quality seals and tourist certificates of SECTUR. With the purpose of increasing tourism and turning Mexico into an international example, we collaborate with the government of Mexico and the IGLTA to develop strategies that consolidate the segment.

Important information

Our training and workshops are endorsed by CONOCER. Recognizing knowledge, abilities, skills and individual attitudes. Enabling candidates to develop an excellence status for their professional life.

Secretaría de Turismo de México


Your Queer Destinations Certificate includes two years membership of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association with which you will receive all of the benefits of the IGLTA organization.

On a global scale, LGBTQ+ travellers are using IGLTA as a resource to find businesses that welcome gays and lesbians into the world of travel and connecting businesses through networks, as well as creating business opportunities in the marketplace for its members.

The IGLTA was founded in 1983 and is the world’s leading network for tourism companies supporting the LGBTQ+ segment. They provide resources and information as they continue to work to promote equality and safety within LGBTQ+ tourism worldwide. IGLTA members include companies with accommodation services, transportation, destinations, service providers, travel agencies, tour operators, events, media, etc. located in more than 80 countries.

+ About IGLTA

Use of IGLTA badge

Consumer support

Online Profile

Marketing Tools

Event and Tour Placement

Annual International Convention

Buyers and Sellers Network

Trade fairs

Global Support

Advertising rates discounts

Discounts on PR services

Press Travel Discount Program

Reseñas vinculadas a TripAdvisor

Subscripciones a publicaciones LGBTQ+

IGLTA annually holds a world convention and four symposia in different tourist destinations around the world. The international symposium attracts more than 500 attendees, including destination CVB officials, travel agents, airline employees, hotel employees and tourism professionals. The IGLTA foundation also sponsors scholarships for students to attend international symposia each year. Previous scholarships have been awarded to students from Brazil, Colombia, China, Curacao, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Norway, Peru, South Africa, Suriname, Spain and the United States.

Quality and comfort hallmark

Highlight your business with our recognition sign. Place your plaque and badge in the most visible places of your company, LGBTQ+ travelers will be able to distinguish your business, identifying the Queer Certificate Destinations, according to quality, safety, respect and care for the community.

LGBTQ+ travellers network

Make it easy for LGBTQ+ travelers to find your business. Be part of the network of Queer Destinations certified companies, and you’ll appear on our LGBTQ+ friendly map, along with all the relevant information, our travellers will find you faster and easier than ever.

Empower your employees

Our methodology to achieve good awareness, is through the training of all of your employees. By investing in their futures and in their education, you are not only taking care of future customers, but also increasing interest and fostering interdepartmental relations.

Support a charity cause

Companies that support a social cause distinguish themselves from their competitors and reap many benefits, including more loyal customers and happier employees. Part of the proceeds of the Queer Destinations Certificate go to the IGLTA Foundation, through scholarships, marketing assistance in emerging destinations, and research.

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