It’s pride month! And from Queer Destinations headquarters we wish you a happy one, plus, we’ve thought it was time to reflect about why we should celebrate this festivity, and why Spain is a perfect destination to do so. So, without further ado, check this info and recommendations out and start being proud!

Pride is nowadays known as an annual celebration to promote and demand equality amongst the LGBTQ collective, as well as to commemorate the Stonewall riots of June 28, 1969 which occured in New York, EE.UU and where the determinant factor for the uprising of the queer liberation movements.

The basic notion to subtract from the several celebrations that conform pride is that of inclusion, the strong belief that no-one should feel ashamed no matter their affective personality, sexual orientation, gender role or biological assigned sex. During pride, we claim for love without borders, acceptance and diversity, and for the rights of all of those who differ from the established heteronormativity. Pride is an effort to create a lasting ennviroment of affection towards being who you are no matter how. Let’s be proud!


Spain is country famously known for its tolerance, having one of the most advanced legislations towards LGBTQ individuals and over all for its citizens welcoming and accepting attitude, which makes it a great destination to celebrate during pride month.

Last year, Madrid (Spain’s Capital), was chosen as the city to host the World Pride and surpassed the test with a sublime performance on the community’s organization. World Pride Madrid was a success, and thousands of both tourist and locals got to celebrate and show their pride, claim for their rights and enjoy all sorts of parties, concerts and events set on the agenda.


And though world pride can’t be celebrated twice, this year’s pride agenda doesn’t look like it’s running short on fun, thanks to all the events planned by the capital which have been shared for you to check out through their official page “Madrid Orgullo“.

This year pride takes a whole new level, given its timely significance; It’s been 50 years since the Stonewall riots occurred, and this event is leading the agenda from this 2019 Pride celebrations. Amongst the program, there will also be other claiming events like the pride demonstration, or more fun-focused like the famous “pregón” or the hilarious heel race.


With this year’s pride agenda, the inclusive values of its citizens + warm climate and superb gastronomy, it’s quite obvious why Spain sets itself as a perfect destination to make the most of this annual celebration and have the chance to enjoy and be proud. ¡Happy pride! From Queer Destiantions.

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