Oriol Pamies, the founder of Queer Destinations, visited Merida, Yucatan.

He participated in the first Queer Destinations national workshop with several tourism companies. The purpose of this meeting was to raise awareness and promote Queer Destinations’ values for ethical treatment and inclusion for the LBGT community traveling to Yucatan.

The founder of Queer Destinations spoke about how Yucatan represents one of the fastest growing LGBT destinations in the tourism industry worldwide, the destination offers excellent cultural, historical and gastronomic services. He mentioned how Queer Destinations will directly advise the tourism industry to offer exclusive services and destinations ready to receive the LGBT community. The success of Queer Destinations resides in the certification of each of the attractions that Yucatan offers focused on the expectations and demands of the community.

Some of the points on which we will work will be:

  • If the company has adopted non-discrimination policies, if the ones you have are sufficient and if you have mechanisms to make sure they are complied with.
  • Consideration will be given to whether there are diversity and inclusion councils in the company, i.e. groups of employees who discuss best practice in inclusion for the LGBT community.
  • Design and promotion of public activities in support of the LGBT community.


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