Asian food is on the rise, and Shanghai’s party scene too. Wonder why? Tasty, inexpensive and packed with century old traditions and culture, having a bite of a typical Asian dish is both a tasty and history packed moment. Food experiences are one of China’s main attractions, and it is one of its citizens main cultural showstoppers. Cooking and eating are indeed, of such importance, that they flood the streets of spicy smells and hot sizzling oil. And though Shanghai’s street food, cafes and restaurants are worth a getaway on its own, why not combine them with their uprising gay party scene?

No matter why you chose to visit Shanghai on the first place, food and partying surely will determine your getaway experience, and that’s why we have put together some basic notions to make your vacations even tastier.

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Follow locals and find the best spots

Sure, you could simply ask a Shanghainese about where to have a munch, but if getting recommendations becomes difficult, simply follow the smell of tasty food and have a look at where locals stop by. There is no better indicator for an establishment’s quality than the city’s residents; If a spot is packed food must probably be good, no matter what the speciality is. Also, a highly frequented restaurant or food stall asures fresh produce and no food that has been lying around longer than anyone would like. Which leads us too…

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Food safety goes first

Don’t get fooled by tasty smell and sizzling oil, food safety should be your foremost priority when eating out, specially on the street. Although eating out, like, literally out in the street is a big part of the asian food culture, drinking bottled water, boiled or well cooked produce, plus a pre trip and during stay consumption of probiotic foods will hopefully keep bacteria and parasites away.
Truly trust your gut and if your nose and body tell you not to eat it, don’t risk it; no rare dish is worth ruining your vacation.

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Shanghai’s perfect match; street-food & party

A well spent night clubbing at hot queer spots around the French Concession neighborhood, Shanghai’s LGBTQ+ epicenter, is a perfect match to enjoying some street food. This area filled with plenty lounges and bars and an ever-growing cosmopolitan gay crowd is also packed with food stalls, coffee places and fancy restaurants that will help you not to drink on an empty stomach and regret it later via a terrible hangover.

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There might be a point where distinguishing party food or food party may result a hard task, but eating and hanging out at night in Shanghai is surely worth a visit.

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