Famous for its breathtaking skyscrapers and for being the world’s biggest film set, New York makes a picture perfect queer destination. With and ever growing array of sites, restaurants and events it can be hard to set a visit plan, but there are a few tips and tricks that will set you for a good start.

Locations, food, art and, moreover, how to embrace chaos from the Empire City are some of the necessary points to have in mind in order to enjoy all this vibrant destination has to offer. So, without further ado, here’s our take on a 24h (or longer) NY getaway.

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Get cozy

And find the right accommodation

Although most of your trip shall be spent exploring Empire City, it is key to find the right spot to nest after a long day rambling. With an extensive array of options, you are sure to find a match; from couch surfing to top notch hotels, NY has it. Our recommendation: consider your budget first and choose location second.

Waking up at The Big Apple’s core might be enticing, but staying at the outskirts is probably worth the price difference. Choose between metro or bus (with a single ticket costing $2,75), Grab and Uber or hop on an iconic yellow cab and start wondering head first!

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Brunch your stay to the top

Because, what’s the point of sight seeing on an empty stomach?

Once settled in, there’s no better remedy to get over jet lag than a loaded Bloody Mary and proper Avo on Toast. Moreover, what’s the point of sight seeing on an empty stomach?

Visit “Sunday in Brooklyn” , “Red Rooster”, or our all-time favourite “Five Leaves“ at 18 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn. Make sure to order their Moroccan Scramble, an indulgent stack of Ricotta Pancakes with Honeycomb Butter or a refreshing bowl of Chia Pudding with Goji Berries. Dirty or healthy, you will surely get a delightful munch.

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Art is everywhere

From quintessential museums to street art

New York is well known for its cultural diversity, and its abundance of museums is a worth visiting proof of it. Museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, situated on Central Park and founded in 1880 contains over 5,000 years of art. Others, like the famously known MoMA , are much more than just a museum of modern art; constantly re-inventing itself its exhibitions will delight contemporary art lovers at all levels. But art in NY isn’t exclusively indoors, buildings like Frank Gehry’s “8 Spruce Street” or the newly built “World Trade Center” by Santiago Calatrava are architectural pieces of art to enjoy outdoors.

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We <3 diversity

Neighbourhoods of all colors, shapes and sizes.

With a heavy history on immigration, NY has been able to soak up all sorts of newcomers traditions and culture, which up to date, keep getting blend with American customs. Enriching the city’s diversity and adding up to its cosmopolitan feel.

Little Italy and Chinatown are 2 curious overseas archetypes of Italians and Chinese immigrants homeland. Get a fresh look at the city and find delicious dumpling houses to dine in with friends or get romantic as in “Lady and the Tramp” sharing some authentic Italian-American “spaghetti with meatballs”. Besides, is there something more NY than pizza by the slice?

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Let it all set

A peaceful moment for the city that doesn’t sleep.

New York’s sunset is a daily ritual where the last sun rays taint the ever taller skyline. Let the exhausting day of walkabouts set in at one of the city’s iconic spots. The Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Staten Island Ferry, or the Top of the Rock, are along with some beers, are all you will need to call it a day.

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