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We are the bridge between businesses, destinations, governments and LGBTQ+ travelers.

Through our Queer Destinations Committed Seal, we help
companies adapt their products and assure safety to all customers regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity by training 100% of their employees with our online educational program called “Hospitality meets Diversity”, which teaches everything from the history of the LGBTQ+ community to real life case studies and how to provide the best possible experience to queer travelers and their own employees.


Hospitality meets Diversity

Our educational program consists of a virtual course through our e-learning platform, where clients learn everything they need to know about the LGBTQ+ community, their consumption habits and how to receive them appropriately. The course also includes updated statistical data, interviews and practical cases.

What does this mean for the LGBTQ+ traveler?

It is a seal of quality and a guarantee for those who seek a unique experience free from discrimination. 

So, visiting a Queer Destinations Committed property means:

100% of the property's staff has completed the Hospitality Meets Diversity Educational Program.

A commitment to respectful and equitable treatment of all customers and employees regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Zero tolerance of any kind of harassment, intimidation, mockery, threats, pointing or other attitudes of physical or psychological violence, targeting LGBTQ+ people.

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Our main goal is to make every queer person feel welcomed and valued at every  Queer Destinations Committed propertyThat’s why your opinion is very important for us!

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