Primavera Sound will be the first festival to be awarded the Queer Destinations Committed distinction

Edgar Weggelaar, CEO of QD, Alberto Guijarro Director de Sala Apolo, Oriol Pamies Founder & President of QD, Alfonso Lanza, Primavera Sound Director
  • Primavera Sound will become the first festival organiser globally to work towards this quality label for the LGBTQ+ segment.

  • The collaboration comes a week after the festival participated in Think Plus, the Think Tank of the LGTBIQ+ Chamber of Commerce of Catalonia, on new models of diverse tourism.


Primavera Sound and Queer Destinations have signed a collaboration agreement, within the framework of the celebration of LGBTI Pride in Barcelona, with the aim of becoming the first festival at a global level to obtain the Queer Destinations Committed distinction.

The ‘Queer Destinations Committed’ label is the internationally recognised standard that allows companies to show their commitment and welcome the LGBTQ+ segment in an optimal way. The seal has a presence in over 12 countries around the world and has as its main requirement a process of awareness and training for 100% of employees and collaborators using a digital educational programme called “Hospitality meets diversity”.

In the words of Queer Destinations, “Primavera Sound has been a pioneer in the defence of its values such as sustainability, gender parity and diversity with programmes such as Nobody is Normal,” which is why they wanted to recognise the work of the festival. With this alliance, they seek to go a step further by becoming an international standard for welcoming anyone. In Spain, an international agreement has been signed with the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, to promote this segment at a national and international level, a plan that will allow Primavera Sound to promote the essence of Barcelona around the world.

Alfonso Lanza, director of Primavera Sound, expressed his gratitude for this recognition that “highlights the commitment that the festival has had for years with its audience, in this case and especially with the LGTBI community”. The fact that labels such as Queer Destinations value Primavera Sound as an inclusive and diverse space is “an honour, as the festival is not in itself an event aimed exclusively at the community and therefore, we consider that the fact that companies and associations in the sector value us so positively has an added merit”.

Oriol Pàmies, founder of Queer Destinations, commented that “We celebrate the commitment to safety and excellence in the treatment of the LGBTI segment in the world of leisure, especially doing it hand in hand with a company that always defends its values”. At the recent editions of Primavera Sound Barcelona and Madrid, Queer Destinations carried out the first audit that will serves as a foundation for the development of the educational programme that will include all possible interactions of the festivalgoers with any staff of the festival’s organisation. The implementation of the programme will be carried out globally starting with the editions Porto, São Paulo, Bogotá and Asunción at the end of 2023.

This recognition comes a week after Primavera Sound participated in aother edition of Think Plus, the think tank of the Chamber of Commerce LGTBIQ+ of Catalonia. This was a special meeting in the calendar of the Chamber, as it took place within the framework of the celebration of Pride in Barcelona, and its central theme was the discussion on “New models of LGTBIQ+ tourism”.

In an increasingly diverse society, the collective finds new reasons to travel to other destinations such as music festivals, cultural or sporting events. The Chamber wanted to draw on the experience of Primavera Sound to answer questions about what kind of attractions a destination needs to have to attract the LGTBI community, highlighting once again the festival’s commitment to celebrating music, but also diversity and inclusion.