Banquetes Palazuelos

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Banquetes Palazuelos is recognized in Mexico and internationally for its excellence in the quality of its cuisine, services, and event locations for weddings and family events, as well as congresses and conventions. Founded by the pioneer Susana Palazuelos, she has made Acapulco known as one of the most spectacular destinations for celebrating weddings, holding up to 120 a year, with an influx of more than 50,000 visitors, generating a significant income in the sector. tourism and the local economy. Responsible for the Banquets offered at the main events in Acapulco, among which are events with the last 6 Presidents of the Republic, the International Miners Congresses, 18 editions of the Tianguis Turístico, the Bankers Association, among others.


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"The training has been very interesting and informative, very clear in explaining what the LGBTQ+ community means, what each group needs, what they expect from the rest of the people and, above all, from the companies they visit.
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Banquetes Palazuelos

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Visiting a Queer Destinations Committed entity means that 100% of the staff has completed our Educational Program Hospitality meets Diversity, establishing a commitment to respectful and equitable treatment of all customers and employees regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Moreover, the property assures zero tolerance of any kind of harassment, intimidation, mockery, threats, pointing, or other attitudes of physical or psychological violence, targeting LGBTQ+ people.

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