City Express EBC Reforma

4-star hotel

City Express EBC Reforma is strategically located adjacent to the Reforma 222 shopping center, providing guests with a prime position and convenient access to Mexico City’s financial and business districts. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, the hotel warmly welcomes guests with open arms. Situated in close proximity to prominent companies in the area, such as CI México (HR specialists), FINDES (accounting and finance), and Intelisis Aspel (information technology and services), City Express EBC Reforma ensures a convenient stay for business travelers. Guests can explore the famous Paseo de la Reforma, a wide avenue renowned for its architectural beauty and adorned with various monuments. Each block along the avenue boasts a different statue, including tributes to the Roman goddess Diana, the iconic Angel of Independence, and the Cuauhtémoc monument. Mexico City, the vibrant capital, offers an abundance of museums for visitors to explore. From the Museum of Popular Art and the Museum of Tolerance to the renowned Palace of Bellas Artes, there are countless cultural treasures to discover. For a delightful experience of people-watching, guests can enjoy a cup of coffee at Sanborns de los Azulejos, a charming coffee shop located in the historic center. To admire breathtaking views of the Cathedral and National Palace, a visit to the restaurant El Mayor is highly recommended. By reserving a room at City Express EBC Reforma, guests can rest assured that their visit will be truly unforgettable, with exceptional service and a comfortable stay guaranteed.

City Express EBC Reforma is a proud Queer Destinations Committed hotel

Visiting a Queer Destinations Committed property means that 100% of the property's staff has completed our Educational Program Hospitality meets Diversity, establishing a commitment to respectful and equitable treatment of all customers and employees regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Moreover, the property assures zero tolerance of any kind of harassment, intimidation, mockery, threats, pointing, or other attitudes of physical or psychological violence, targeting LGBTQ+ people.

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