Few experiences compare to the adventure of traveling to see new places or return to the places we miss. Hostik Hostel is strategically located in the heart of Merida, just minutes from parks, museums, bars and markets. The hostel is right in front of the old Railway Station, which operated from 1920 to 1974: an emblematic site for Yucatán. The proximity that distinguishes the city and the journeys of its old locomotives have inspired to create of this accessible and welcoming option, ideal both for those who know that they will spend most of their time outside – swimming in the cenotes, exploring archaeological sites, touring the restored haciendas–, as well as for those who want a relaxed weekend, enjoy the warm atmosphere, the gastronomic delights offered by the so-called “white city” and the safety of its streets.

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"We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Queer Destinations Committed distinction, an international standard that ensures a safe and welcoming experience to everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Through the Queer Destinations Committed distinction, all our employees go through a training process designed to learn and empathize with the different realities within the community. This will allow us to improve every day to maintain our quality standards and to be able to offer personalized and respectful treatment to all our customers."
Hostik Hostal
Queer Destinations Committed

Hostik Hostal is a proud Queer Destinations Committed hotel

Visiting a Queer Destinations Committed property means that 100% of the property's staff has completed our Educational Program Hospitality meets Diversity, establishing a commitment to respectful and equitable treatment of all customers and employees regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Moreover, the property assures zero tolerance of any kind of harassment, intimidation, mockery, threats, pointing, or other attitudes of physical or psychological violence, targeting LGBTQ+ people.

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