MÍA Reef Isla Mujeres

5-star hotel

At MÍA Reef Isla Mujeres, you’ll live experiences to remember forever. The hotel brought together the best of Mexican culture, gastronomy, culture, and warmth, surrounded by natural wonders, to enjoy every second of your stay. Live the best sunsets from Mexico and the first sun rays that illuminate the country, live Isla Mujeres on your own private island, full of beautiful colored fishes, crystal clear turquoise waters, and unforgettable experiences. Live the MÍA experience.

Employees trained

with our Educational Program:

Hospitality meets Diversity

Property departments

involved and trained to obtain

our Committed Distinction

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of Queer Destinations

Educational Program


"It has been an interesting process that has allowed the entire team to be immersed and strengthen their service skills. The main importance of the Queer Destinations training has been to make each of our collaborators aware of the LGBTQ+ market and that thanks to all this information we can receive our guests and partners in the way they deserve it. Inclusive tourism allows equal opportunities in a safe way and it is important to have the right tools, since we must create safe spaces for our guests.
María Teresa González Méndez
General Manager, MÍA Reef Isla Mujeres

MÍA Reef Isla Mujeres is a proud Queer Destinations Committed hotel

Visiting a Queer Destinations Committed property means that 100% of the property's staff has completed our Educational Program Hospitality meets Diversity, establishing a commitment to respectful and equitable treatment of all customers and employees regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Moreover, the property assures zero tolerance of any kind of harassment, intimidation, mockery, threats, pointing, or other attitudes of physical or psychological violence, targeting LGBTQ+ people.

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