From Vision to Reality: Oriol Pàmies on Primavera Sound, the First QDC Festival

The World’s First Queer Destinations Committed Festival Sets a New Standard for Diversity and Inclusion

Along with Oriol Pàmies, the founder of Queer Destinations, we experienced a monumental achievement as Primavera Sound Barcelona became the world’s first Queer Destinations Committed festival. Over several days, Pàmies joined attendees in enjoying a stellar musical lineup and fantastic stages, all within a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive atmosphere championed by Queer Destinations. This historic event exemplifies Queer Destinations’ vision and the strong partnership with Primavera Sound, reinforcing the importance of creating safe and supportive environments for the LGBTQ+ community.

The festival may stand as one of the most inclusive events ever experienced. Upon entering the festival grounds, attendees were greeted by a prominent sign declaring: “Primavera Sound Barcelona, THE FIRST FESTIVAL COMMITTED TO DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION.” This powerful message, brought to life by Queer Destinations, promised an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Oriol Pàmies at the festival's entrance
Bar signs with QR code

Furthermore, in all bars throughout the festival, attendees encountered signs with a similar message alongside a QR code. By scanning this code, attendees could provide feedback on their experiences concerning diversity, inclusion, safety, and more. These QR codes were also strategically placed around the festival grounds to ensure easy access for attendees to offer their insights and help shape future events.

As Oriol pointed out different aspects of Queer Destinations’ presence, it was clear that inclusive messages directed at both the LGBTQ+ community and its allies were having a profound impact. These messages were prominently featured on the large screens at the festival stages, creating a harmonious blend with performances from numerous artists, many of whom are actually part of the queer community.

During a moment of reflection, Oriol shared his thoughts on witnessing the groundbreaking achievement of Primavera Sound as the world’s first Queer Destinations Committed festival. His insights revealed the depth of his commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in all spaces. Here, we share highlights from our chat with Oriol, whose vision made this historic festival possible.

Attendees at Primavera Sound Barcelona

In Conversation with Oriol: The Vision Behind a Historic Festival


What goals does this initiative aim to achieve for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide?

This initiative was born out of my desire to create safe and inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. Through Queer Destinations, we aim to foster environments where every individual feels accepted, valued, and free to express their authentic self without fear or hesitation. My journey as an advocate for inclusion and equality has driven me to build this global network, ensuring that members of our community can find welcoming spaces wherever they go.


What does it mean to be a Queer Destinations Committed festival?

To be recognized as a Queer Destinations Committed festival means committing to the creation of experiences where individuals can truly be themselves. Often, nightlife and music festivals are places where people, particularly those from the LGBTQ+ community, can feel exposed and vulnerable. Our goal is to transform these settings into safe havens. At a Queer Destinations Committed festival, you can be confident that everyone you interact with has undergone thorough training to promote safety and inclusion. It’s about ensuring zero tolerance for discrimination and fostering an environment where freedom of expression is celebrated.


Why is it important to be visibly and publicly committed to the community?

Visibility and public commitment are vital because mere claims of inclusivity are not enough. Many organizations profess to be open and welcoming, but taking decisive, visible actions to create safe spaces sets a higher standard. For the LGBTQ+ community, it’s crucial to feel genuinely accepted and represented. Public commitment sends a powerful message that these spaces are not just inclusive in words but in practice. We want to visit places where we know we are not just tolerated but embraced, where our identity is respected, and where we can feel at home.


Is Primavera Sound Barcelona the first Queer Destinations Committed festival in the world?

Yes, Primavera Sound Barcelona holds the distinction of being the world’s first Queer Destinations Committed festival. As a pioneer in the music festival landscape, it set a precedent that has now inspired numerous other festivals and nightlife venues globally to adopt this commitment. It fills me with pride that this groundbreaking initiative started in my hometown, Barcelona, setting a benchmark for others to follow. The success of Primavera Sound as a Queer Destinations Committed festival underscores the importance of creating inclusive and safe spaces in the social sphere.


What message do you have for individuals attending the festival?

To everyone attending the festival, this is our time to embrace freedom and be our true, authentic selves. Queer Destinations is dedicated to creating environments where you can express who you are without fear or restraint. Together, we are working towards more inclusive and safer spaces, ensuring that each member of our community can thrive and feel a genuine sense of belonging. Enjoy the festival, and remember, you are in a space that celebrates you for who you are.